Dear Inventor:

Thank you for your interest in supporting Bethlehem Lights by sharing your great ideas for products with us. We pride ourselves on our innovative products, and know that many great ideas appear in the minds of our customers.  Several of our most successful innovations have come to us this way. We are very open to seeing ideas and have hired Trident Design, LLC to manage an Open Innovation System for accepting and reviewing them. That’s where you are!

We have hired Trident Design, LLC, who is a 3rd party, to administer this program because we want to make sure all the best ideas are brought to our attention and are championed within our product development team. We get a lot of submissions, so we need to focus only on those that look like a good match for our company based on many factors. Trident knows our wants and needs in the realm of innovation. They review every idea and manage the process of making sure the ideas that make sense for us are championed inside our organization. They will be your main point of contact for now.

There’s a Three Step process to submit your idea:

  1. Please fill out the submission form. The initial submission is non-confidential and so we are initially just looking for broad strokes to make sure it makes sense for us.

  2. If it looks promising, you will sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with Trident and then you will make a more detailed submission.

  3. If Trident determines that it makes sense for Bethlehem Lights, they will invite you to sign an NDA with Bethlehem Lights, after which they will decide whether or not to start a conversation with you.

Through this initiative, we will only be launching a few products a year, so no promises, but we encourage you to submit your ideas. We appreciate you considering us and taking the time to contribute. Many people have ideas, but few take action on them. Congratulations!

Here is a link to a document that describes Bethlehem’s current product strategy (i.e. what they are looking for) to support your inventing focus: STRATEGY LINK

Here is a link to the Ground Rules for this program: GROUND RULES LINK

Submit your concept and we will see if there is a win-win!


Bethlehem Lights focuses Christmas decor and lighting, as well as gardening products, with an emphasis on quality and innovation.  Feel free to visit their website, as well as QVC’s to tour their product line. They have 5 main categories currently:

1. Pre-lit artificial Christmas Trees (current innovations include power through the center pole, different led lighting effects, incandescent bulbs with effects, storage bags, realistic foliage)

2. Christmas lights, battery operated "fairy" lights, window lights (current innovations include battery life, light sensors for automatic on/off, timers, lighting effects, remote capabilities)

3. Pre-lit Hanging baskets with artificial plants (current innovations include lighting effects and basket designs)

4. Flameless candles (current innovations include realistic flames, moving flames, aquaflame, touch activation, and blow out feature)

5. Gardening (anything in the garden except power tools, especially decor)

Bethlehem Lights sells 90% of their product on QVC so the target audience is women over 60. Bethlehem Lights is very good at working with QVC and this relationship is their biggest asset. That and their portfolio of innovative products.  Therefore, we are looking for products that will work well on QVC. In fact, we aren't limited to the existing categories if someone has an idea that would do very well on QVC in another category, they are open to seeing it. That said, the focus is the above categories.

Here are the basic ground rules for our submission process. Click here to read our full legal terms and conditions:



  1. Ideas can be submitted at any level of development, from mere words to fully developed prototyped products, with or without patents pending.

  2. Submitting the ideas does not convey any ownership of IP.

  3. The readiness level and IP status will impact royalty rates, which can range from 3%-5%.

  4. In the unlikely event that two or more people submit the same innovation idea, the opportunity will go to whomever submits the idea first.

  5. In the even more unlikely event the ideas are submitted at the same time, the deal would be split between both parties.