Manufacturing support

We have extensive experience working with factories to see our designs through to production. We have a thorough understanding of the various manufacturing methods common to consumer products, as well as the cost considerations for each of those methods. Furthermore, we have personal experience with having products produced and sold, so we can help you navigate these challenging processes.


  • We have established relationships with numerous factories in both the US and Asia providing an array of cost-effective, high-quality manufacturing methods.

  • Our factory partners can provide you with virtually all types of manufacturing including electronics, die-casting, plastic molding, packaging and assembly.

  • We have partners that can supervise and inspect the manufacture of your product before costly mistakes are made.


  • We have done them both, and have relationships with freight forwarders and other necessary service providers to help you establish your own import/export operation.

  • Prior to your product being shipped, it can be checked for defects, a vital component of any overseas manufacturing operation.