Industrial Design

Great design is the key to a successful invention or product. We can help generate the form and function of your invention. Our design team consistently delivers wonderful aesthetic and functional designs based on the realities of cost and manufacturing.

Phase 1: Exploration

  • We identify problems and potential solutions by outlining the information found in the prior art and market research.

  • The ideation phase involves 2 rounds of sketching:

    • The first round generates as many ideas as possible for features and configurations as well as breakthrough innovations.

    • The second round involves creating more refined concepts and preliminary exploration of aesthetic directions.

  • After each round of ideation our design team will review an illustrated presentation of the sketches or models with the inventor for feedback and select a direction for the next round of refinements.

Phase 2: Refinement

  • During this phase, our design team will take the preferred concepts from Phase 1 and begin to work out the details through computer and sketch modeling.

  • Concept Refinement is broken into 2 rounds:

    • The first round prepares initial 3D models and test functional concepts through simple sketch models as required.

    • The second round results in a clearly defined final concept with most details resolved and a clear design intent.

  • By the end of Phase 2, a highly detailed 3D computer model or sketch model is created that appropriately illustrates the aesthetic design and potential function of the product.

Phase 3: Blueprinting

  • Blueprint-ready files are typically required to produce professional prototypes or to manufacture a product.

  • These files can be exported to factories, where the product is engineered for manufacturing and tooling construction.

  • A 3D computer model will usually be created by the end of Phase 2, and will be modified and refined throughout the prototyping phase.