Frequently asked Questions

  1. Do you charge to submit an idea to your company for evaluation? Yes, we love helping inventors and we gladly offer inventors a paid confidential consultation where we will let you know our thoughts on the possible paths to profit for your invention or invention idea. We would be happy to share with you our invention process,recommendations and how we might be able to help, provide general feedback on your product idea and provide average costs for our various development services. A list of costs for our evaluation and research services can be found by visiting the Hire Us page

  2. How can I be assured that Trident Design will not steal my idea Trident respects the intellectual property of every inventor. We are inventors ourselves and know what it is like to be in your shoes. We will sign a Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement with you that legally bind us to confidentiality. Of course, we hear dozens of invention ideas and see many inventions every year and it is entirely possible that more than one inventor will present the same idea to us. If we are already working on a very similar invention idea (or did in the past), we will let you know if we see a conflict of interest.

  3. How do I know Trident Design is a legitimate company? We believe it is extremely important to do your research before contracting any invention development or invention submission firm. Read these guidelines from the FTC. We encourage inventors to check us out. Be sure to check the Better Business Bureau, United Inventors Association and the USPTO on any company that you are considering working with. Please Google us and our products. We love helping people throughout the invention process. We have a proven and documented track record of licensing inventions and bringing products to market and have many satisfied customers. Furthermore, we are Platinum Sponsors of the United Inventors Association, the only national non-profit devoted to inventor education. You are welcome to contact us and ask for references from corporate clients and individual inventors.

  4. Will Trident Design LLC buy my ideas? Trident is not a venture fund. We are a product design and invention consulting firm. Trident does not buy invention ideas, products, patents or prototypes. We offer high-value, professional industrial design and consulting services to inventors (and corporations) to help them monetize their invention ideas. We would love to hear your invention idea and gladly offer free invention consultations and invention assistance on the various ways you could potentially monetize your invention idea as well as how we may be able to help you. If you do not have funds to invest right now, we are still happy to give you free invention advice and provide a proposal for you to consider as you progress in your inventor’s journey.

  5. Does Trident Design LLC charge up-front fees for its design services? Fundamentally, Trident is an industrial design firm, and like any industrial design firm, we get paid to design products. We have highly talented professional designers with degrees in industrial design who will take your idea through a very professional process, in which you will be educated along the way. Your input will be an integral part of the invention development process. You will be provided plenty of opportunity to influence the outcome of your invention. We offer paid invention research, invention design, engineering, CAD drawings, prototyping and branding services. We do not charge any upfront fees for licensing inventions, which is addressed in another question in this FAQ.

  6. How much does Trident Design LLC charge to work on inventions and invention ideas? Every inventor and invention idea is unique and has different requirements and complexities. Projects range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands, so we really can’t guess without fully understanding the scope of your invention project or idea. We would be glad to give you a formal proposal for your inventions future development after we have an initial consultation and fully understand what your invention idea requires.

  7. Can Trident Design LLC help me license my invention or sell my idea? Yes, we have developed great connections in a wide array of industries. Trident has a full time executive licensing team that is fully committed to licensing inventions and products. They are commission only sales people, and so they are highly motivated by the success of each and every inventor and product we work with. We can’t guarantee your invention success but we can guarantee that your product will get shown to actual real decision makers at real manufacturing and distribution candidates. That said, we do not represent every invention or product we are presented. We only work on inventions and products we feel we can adequately support and that represent an economic opportunity (for you and us) given our strengths and reach. We tend to focus on inventions and products that we have had a hand in the industrial design and product development of, and therefore, know have solid design, which is one of the keys of successfully licensing an invention. We will review your product or invention with our licensing team and get back to you promptly with a decision about whether we will represent your invention or product. As the saying goes, the second best answer to a “yes” is a fast “no”. We won’t leave you hanging.

  8. How does Trident Design LLC charge for licensing an invention? We do not charge any upfront fees for our standard product and invention licensing services. We are compensated based on our performance and our ability to license the invention in the form of a percentage of any deals we sign. This percentage varies depending on circumstances. We will, of course, agree to this number in advance of signing an inventor representation agreement. We do charge for industrial design, prototyping, and cad work packaging design, point of purchase design, graphic design, branding, naming and the production of sales materials. Any fees associated with this work are quoted upfront and agreed to by the inventor.

  9. What are Trident Design LLC’s statistics per the American Inventor’s Protection Act of 1999? Per the American Inventor’s Protection Act of 1999, companies involved in “invention promotion” are required to report certain statistics to prospective clients in order that they may better judge their chances of success working with that company. Please contact us for ours and we will happily provide it. Our invention licensing success rate far surpasses most of our competitors’ which we attribute to our selective approach and “no half-measures” philosophy. That, and our recognition that great Design is the linchpin of successful licensing.

  10. Do you work with every inventor that contacts you? No, we only work on inventions we are excited about, believe that we can add real value to, and that we truly believe have a realistic chance of being successful in the marketplace. We do not want to spend time fighting losing battles and having dissatisfied customers. We take great pride in the consistent superior quality of our industrial designs and invention development services.

  11. Do you provide positive/negative evaluations of inventions or invention ideas? We don’t have a crystal ball and so we cannot say whether any one invention idea can make s profit or not So much of an inventions success depends on the execution, the passion of the inventor, and each individual’s capacity for investment of time and money, that these factors often outweigh the idea. Also, there are many great invention ideas that don’t represent economic opportunities. Therefore, we evaluate products based only on whether we think they are a possible fit for Trident, not whether it is a good invention idea or not.

  12. Are you able to work on every type of invention and product? We have worked on products and inventions in nearly every category of consumer goods. We have experience in working on many types of invention and products including electrical devices, medical devices, and light equipment. We do not generally work on heavy equipment or developing complex technologies, though there are exceptions to every rule.

  13. Do you invest in other people’s inventions or do joint ventures with inventors? Yes and no. On very rare occasions we do work with inventors in a limited partnership capacity in order to license an invention or bring a product to market. This only happens is rare cases and occurs only if the inventor has already shown a significant (financial) commitment to the invention, made substantial progress with the invention and is a perfect fit for our company. If this is an option, we will let you know, but it is generally very rare for us to invest in an invention brought to us from an outside source.

  14. Does Trident Design LLC offer patents for inventions? We offer patent searches and reviews. Trident does not offer actual patents but we are very knowledgeable about the subject and can help you to take the appropriate steps. We know numerous patent professionals we can refer you to and we offer a “patent concierge” service, where we can help you navigate the patent process and work with you and your patent professional to make sure you get the patent your invention may need.