Onion Goggles

  • Prevents tearing from onions and other fumes with foam seal
  • Goggles that go on like glasses for quick and easy use
  • No straps to mess up hair and for quick on/off
  • Distinctive and fun design differentiates from other eye-ware
  • Fits and works on most people
  • Anti-fog coating inside and out
  • Re-usable packaging doubles as storage case
  • Available in many styles and useful for many tasks, not just cutting onions

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The Onion Goggles were conceived of by Phil Campbell of RSVP. Trident took his idea and returned with a turn-key design, including a factory to produce them. Initially there were many doubters of this invention, but the Onion Goggles have turned into one of RSVP's greatest hits. They have become a sort of icon in the gourmet products industry, and are sold in thousands of independent and specialty retailers. They have appeard on countless television shows as well, including Paula Dean, Kathy Lee, Rachel Ray, and even the Modern Family. Given a thumbs up by both Consumer Reports and Cooks Illustrated, this perfect gift for the chef who has everything. Check out Flickr (link) for "Onion Goggles" and look at the hundreds of self-portraits of people posing in their pair. Or go to This Link to see the video reviews and some creative expression.

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Onion Goggles on Flickr

Onion Goggles on ABC's Castle

Onion Goggles on Castle

Testing Onion Goggles