Garlic Master

Improved leverage garlic press
Sold by RSVP International

  • Mechanism multiplies force to improve the ease of crushing garlic
  • Greater force allows easier crushing of multiple cloves
  • Front loading design makes adding cloves easier
  • Flip out crush grate for ease of cleaning


The Garlic Master was brought by RSVP to Trident as a patented leverage mechanism in need of an attractive design. We worked with them to transform their rough prototype into a sculptural piece of kitchen art, complimenting its innovative operation. The Garlic Master's compound lever mechanism multiplies the user's strength twice as much as competitive products, allowing the crushing of multiple cloves with ease. The achilles heel of a garlic press, cleaning, The Garlic Master's grate flips out where it is easy to get to, a solution only possible because of its unique design.

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